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Don't bother with a big story...

It's a mistake that so many copywriters make (myself included when I first started out).  

Building up a huge story about a product before actually getting into the sale is a recipe for disaster when it comes to search-based product copywriting.  When your prospect can click away and look at another website that's got less to read or gets to the point faster, they will.

If your web page or landing page is primarily for customers to land on after clicking on a Google search for a product, there's no need to 'build the dream' for them.  

They just need three things:

1. Is this the right page I'm looking for?  (Headline needs to say what the page is about and add a benefit if you can too).

2. Will this product / service solve my problem?  

3. How do I get this product / service? 

That's all.  

You don't need to convince them that they need a mop when they're already looking for a mop.  

They just want to know if you sell mops, how your mop solves their (cleaning) issue and how to order / how fast will it get to them etc.  That's it.

Make your big story about how amazing you are or the extended run-down of the technology behind your incredible mop for the About Us page.

The faster and more succinctly you can 'get to the point' in your sales copy, the better.

Here's to more sales,



PS:  If my team and I can help you with a copywriting project for your website, landing page or email autoresponder series, just let us know.