Why your choice of business name is critical

You might not realise it, but your business name says so much about what you’re about. Just like the first 30 seconds of meeting someone new, your business name gives an impression too.

If you've chosen a name that just has a personal significance to you, but not to your potential customers, you're going to make it harder for yourself before you even make the first sales call.

Unfortunately, names of things are subconsciously analysed by people so if your business name doesn’t give an indication of what your business is about, then you’re setting yourself up for a challenge, right from the start. 

That's why you need to put ego aside and choose a trading name that speaks to your clients needs, desires and wants.  Not some funky name you've liked since you were a kid. 

Here’s 5 Ways To Choose The Perfect Business Name

  1. Use the name of your product, service, or industry in your name. Humans like things to be simple, so by having words in your business name that state what you do or offer means that prospective customers instantly know what you’re about.  ‘ZTA Pty Ltd’ doesn’t tell me anything about your business, whereas ‘ZTA Home Cleaners Pty Ltd’ will have me calling you if I’m looking for my house to be cleaned.
  1. Keep it short. I know, that sounds like another copywriting virtue (and it is). Again, humans like simplicity, so if your business name is 2 or 3 words, or a modern single word variation that comprises two words, like ‘Megaport’, then you’ll get more engagement instantly. Having 4 or 5 words in your business name is way too long. 
  1. Don’t use funky spellings. I know you might have a ‘thing’ for a particular business name that has a unique spelling but if you have to spell the business name every time you use it, then you’re making it harder to do business with you. You’re also setting yourself up for a lot of future problems with transactions, as your clients or suppliers will miss-spell your name on invoices and other documents, as well as missing out on many web searches because people can’t spell your web address correctly. You might be tempted personally, but remember - it’s not about you.
  1. Check that you can get a domain for it. Yes, we’re in 2016 and if you don’t think ‘web address’ when you’re thinking ‘business name’, then you’re going to have problems. Don’t go losing potentially thousands of dollars in future business all because a prospect can’t search for you online because you’ve insisted on a business name that doesn’t have the domain to match.
  1. Create a list of EVERY possible business name first. Seriously, spend the time to write down at least 50 different business names or combinations so that you’ve covered every single keyword that describes what you do or the product you provide. You might have one company name in mind but you’d be surprised what can happen when you brainstorm a list – you might just see something a whole lot better!

I started with 'Thousand Dollar Copy' as I thought it sounded 'cool' and 'valuable' but customers thought we might be too expensive before even getting a quote. Fail...

'GetCopy' on the other hand is simple and tells them what we do. It also subliminally gives them the confidence that we'll deliver on what they want (that's the power of using the word 'get').

And now... We've got so much work on I need to start saying 'no'.  :-)

Cheers, 'Rob the Copywriter'

Rob Sattler - GetCopy.com.au

PS:  Got an existing business name that you think you could have done better with? Do a name change and use it as a great excuse to get in touch with all of your customers again, update your website and your marketing all in one. It'll be almost like starting afresh!