One of the biggest failings I used to have when writing sales copy was not having a plan for how the copy was going to go.

It often involved having an idea, getting started, then realising 2 hours later that the 4 or 5 pages I'd written was off the mark and didn't cover all of the key points.

Don't let that be you.

Writing with a plan is simple. Here's the 5 key steps (plus 1 bonus):

  1. Read the brief you've got and do any extra research required then note down the key selling points.
  2. Work out what you must cover (the minimum to get the conversion) and have some options as 'extras' in case your copy needs something to bolster conversions when the main points are covered.
  3. Write your headline, all of your subheadlines and your CTA.
  4. Flesh out the rest of your copy, following the flow of your subheadlines and CTA.
  5. Go back and check you've covered every key selling point that needs to be mentioned to get the conversion.
  6. Drink wine, congratulate yourself. 

It's really not that hard - but if you skip this step, you just won't produce copy that's as good as it could be.