7 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS Great Copywriting

Great copy is soooo important...

Why do I need great copywriting?  Let me put it to you straight:  

In this time of fast-moving internet advertising, hundreds of competing options and short attention spans, you're losing customers if your copy isn't amazing.

Put simply - crap copy equals lost $$$'s. Period.


So what can you do about it?

Well, you see a lawyer when you need legal advice and a doctor when you're unwell. Which is why smart businesses hire professional copywriters when they need to update their website, marketing materials or email autoresponders.


Here's the 7 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS Great Copywriting-


  1. Poorly written copy is worse than having no copy at all. You'll lose customers if you have copy that's boring, poorly spelt or simply doesn't read well. You might as well just delete it and write 'call us on xxxxx xxxx'. You'd do better.
  2. The world's top marketers START with a copywriter. The biggest selling products in infomercials, high traffic websites and Fortune 500 companies are almost all written by sales copywriters. Great copywriters know how to sell using words. If it works for them, why aren't you doing it too?
  3. Copywriting PAYS for itself. Great copywriting is an investment in the same way as a top-performing salesperson. Except with copywriting, you only pay the copywriter once yet your copy works 24x7 for you - with no lunch breaks.
  4. Your business' reputation depends on it. Your website, landing pages and automated emails are the face of your business and if they're poorly done, then you're happily telling the world that your standards are low. Are they low? We wouldn't think so, which is why your copy needs to match how you do business in person.
  5. Copywriting can bring in 5x, 10x, 100x more business than 'normal' website copy. Think you can't justify spending $1,000 to $2,000 having your website written professionally? Unless you're selling paperclips one-at-a-time, 5x your revenue would have to be a lot more than $1,000.
  6. Sales Copywriters (or Direct Response Copywriters like us) know how to structure every single word, paragraph, headline, action statement to get the biggest results. We know what should and shouldn't be included in the copy as well as how to match the tone and style to your audience.
  7. Great copywriting simply makes your audience go 'WOW'. Which means they subscribe, call, and buy from you, rather than your competitors.

Your business deserves written words that put you in a good light and produce a profit for you. So get your website looked at for improvements by a good copywriter - and make sure they explain exactly why the changes they'll make will help improve your results.

If you'd like a FREE review of your website copy or a quote for having your website, landing page or email series written by us, then get in touch at rob@getcopy.com.au right now.