Sometimes it's not about selling

Copywriting is 'Salesmanship in Print' - which is mostly true.  

But sometimes it's not about selling, it's about getting key information onto a page so that your website visitors can get what they want and make a decision quickly.

We've all been guilty of building up a big story to sell something, I certainly have been both in face-to-face selling as well as in writing copy.  When you're trying to compel a complete stranger to take up your service / buy your product, it's justified to give them a carefully worded preamble to get them into the right frame of mind to spend money with you.

If you're dealing with a highly educated audience however, that preamble could have you lose their interest.  

This is especially the case if you offer higher end services or products and you're using Google Adwords or some other form of paid traffic to get your visitors.  If they're savvy, they just want the facts and the opportunity to take action.  

Here's 5 things to avoid when dealing with savvy website prospects:

  1. Don't 'build them up' first with a story.
  2. Don't 'sell' to them, just tell them. Be simple about it.
  3. Don't use a headline or sub-headline that's fancy.  Just tell them what you do and give them a benefit in the same sentence (if possible).
  4. Long paragraphs - get to the point ok!  If you can use half the words, then use half the words.
  5. Give them a great closing offer, like a FREE report, FREE consultation, FREE strategy session, so that if they've read what they want to hear / found what they're looking for, they'll go straight for the offer.

Remember to ask yourself:  "If i'd just clicked on an ad and landed on this [your] webpage, would be getting the info I want quickly and have an opportunity to buy?"

If the answer is no, then you've got some work to do.  

Here's to great copywriting,


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