Mission Statements & Eye Rolls

Well, we all have to start somewhere and so, this is the #1irst blog post...

Introducing GetCopy

GetCopy is about producing top-rate work for web marketing / website development firms. 

When hiring a full-time copywriter doesn't make sense for your workflow and outsourcing to India isn't appealing, then GetCopy is your solution.

We will do our best for you.  Always.  

I know some companies have these magical looking mission statements on their walls, all clad in gold saying "we provide the best service" (eye roll)...  So I'm not going to do the same here.

What we are going to say though is this: We're human.  We have families.  We have stuff that happens to us, just like it happens to you.  It's our enthusiasm, our energy and our dedication to the job that you can count on.

We've got one singular purpose: do the best we can for every client, on every job. If that means a late night then so be it. But quality always comes first.  

Here's to becoming part of your team.


Regards, Rob.