3 Good Reasons Why You Need More Sales

Every business is about transactions – either providing a service or a product, in a few big orders (or a lot of regular little ones).

And in business - if ‘transactions’ stop, your business stops growing too. Which is why it's important to focus on sales.

I’m extremely grateful to have worked for some of the most entrepreneurial people in Australia, both in my previous sales career and now in my copywriting business (GetCopy).

The one thing I’ve learnt that stands out above all else? That sales make the world go ‘round...


Here’s 3 GOOD REASONS Why You Need More Sales:

1.  SALES drive momentum – when you’re motivated to build your sales volumes, you also build momentum right across your business. More sales means more output (like stock, labour, hours etc)…  and when you’re thinking about sales, you’re also thinking about resourcing. The other thing is your team will get excited, because more things will be happening and more money will be coming in through door. Which leads to point #2…

2.  SALES bring in profit (to do more things) ­– a business without a constant flow of new sales coming in is a business that’s on the way to dying. Regular, new sales bring in PROFIT, which can help you expand, stock up, hire new employees and pack cash away. Which leads to point #3…

3.  SALES keep your business growing and changing there’s nothing worse than having a business that isn’t going anywhere. It’s a recipe for staff to move on, customers to leave and for your business to fade into nothingness after missing the next wave of market innovation. The western concept of never-ending growth etc. is actually a fallacy (as it’s simply not possible) but in the context of your business’ lifetime, growth and change are very good things.

What’s the takeaway? FOCUS ON SALES…

  • Refine your sales processes to make sales as EASY and AUTOMATED as possible.
  • Don’t bog down your sales team with clunky sales tracking or needless reporting or long-winded contract processes… 
  • Automate, speed-up and simplify as many things as you can so that they can focus on making more money for the business.
  • And lastly – aim HIGH. One thing I learnt from working for one of Australia’s most successful telco entrepreneurs is that without an audacious sales goal, sales isn’t fun, nor inspiring.

Aim high, reward well, and watch your success grow.

I hope this article helps? For more sales tips and how-to’s for marketing and copywriting – check out www.getcopy.com.au today.