As an ex-technology salesperson, I’ve always been fascinated by how the internet (and what has been developed upon it) is changing our lives.

Blockchain or what many people call ‘crypto’ is already making a difference to how businesses and consumers interact with computing resources, technology and finance.

Watch this space. It’s going to be huge.

Below are some of my writings about different blockchain projects in 2018. And in 2019, there’s more coming…


Codius… The next Ethereum

The Ethereum blockchain gave us Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) and launched countless cryptocurrency tokens thanks to its smart contract technology.

Codius takes this concept much further - utilising distributed computing resources that don’t rely on Ether.


WAX… The Gamer’s Token

Going after the multi-billion dollar online gaming industry is WAX. Built as a token that allows for gamers the world over to buy, sell and trade virtual goods in their games, it’s set to power hundreds of millions of gamers with a currency that can be converted in and out of real-world dollars.


TRON… Crouching Tiger

Launched in 2017 to spectacular rises in the December/January bull run, TRON is an independent blockchain and cryptocurrency built for the multimedia market. Having now bought BitTorrent, it’s got the the user base and the real-world application of its token ready to go.