Rob the Copywriter


Rob the Copywriter


I’ll help you sell online

Professional sales copywriting will get your message across - bringing in more subscribers, more sales, and more profit

Trying to turn the garbage on the current site into something that’s both interesting and informative was always going to be challenging. That’s why we used Australia’s best sales copywriter...

You’ve got less than a few seconds…

To get a prospect’s attention and show them why they should choose you.

It’s a challenge, and if you don’t get it right, it can be costing you a lot of money.

Writing about your own business is hard (even I struggle sometimes), but good copywriting can convert prospects into clients.

Which is why Australia’s leading digital marketing agencies all use professional sales copywriters (like me).

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I’ll help you make a statement on the web

As an experienced corporate salesperson, I see businesses differently.

I figure out how they work and what their advantages & disadvantages are. Then I create an ‘angle’ to best position them for sales success.


To the left is a website that I wrote in 2018 for leading property management software company, Console.

Designed to be simple, clear, and concise, it conveys their specialties and their benefits instantly. Meaning more people click on their contact buttons to get some information and try their service.

Let me do the same for you.


You need high-value, high-return copywriting

You’ve invested in great design

You’ve made your website easy to navigate

Now make it sell for you

Here’s what I write (most of the time):

Landing Pages

Generate leads and help them become paying customers.

A digital marketing essential - most successful online businesses use them for individual products or services, as well as for special campaigns.

Website Copy

Your website should be a sales and lead-generating machine.

I write carefully crafted sales copy for each and every page, ensuring you get sales and enquiries no matter where your prospects click on your site.

Email Series (EDMs)

When a prospect gets in touch with you online, what are you sending them?

Do you have an automated series of emails that ‘follows up’ with them over the next few days or weeks to get them to take action?

I can help you create the perfect series of emails to send - covering customer service and sales in one go.

Other things I write:

Whitepapers | Media Releases | ICO Launch Pages | Awards Submissions | Applications | LinkedIn Profiles and much more



Your new copy, in 5 simple steps 

  1. Let’s have a quick initial discussion to outline your goals

  2. I’ll get you to answer some questions about your current sales strategy and sign a one-page working agreement (it’s to protect both of us)

  3. I’ll create some fantastic wording that’s designed to get the results you’re after. You know, good things like sales, enquiries, subscriptions etc

  4. We’ll go over the refinements together – I’ll do up to 3 revisions for you to ensure your copy is PERFECT

  5. As you pay your invoice and the sales start rolling in, you might feel that you’ve underpaid me. That’s ok, just tell your business contacts about me and we’ll call it even.

Ready to chat about your business? Click the button and let me know you’re keen to talk.


 Here’s what clients say…

Thanks for the draft... I could write it a million times and not get the same effect



Don’t tell anyone I said this, but you produce vastly superior work compared to our other copywriters



I’ve helped just a few brands to sell better online

Whether as a direct client or a ghost-written project for leading digital marketing agencies, each company has had results from the work I’ve done.

Will your brand be next?

Will your brand be next?

Let’s chat about growing your business today

(it’s FREE)

I love talking with businesses about how they can sell better. If you’d like a FREE strategy session with me, then click the button below and I’ll get in touch with you soon.



About Rob…

The son of a farmer and a nurse, I came from a life of hard-work and boundless hope for the future.

Having swapped dirty hands and harsh sun for a suit and tie, I sold over $46 million in communications solutions during my IT career – everything from dial-up modems and website design, to submarine cable capacity.

But at 34, life needed changing. So I packed up my young family and moved to Cairns, Far North Queensland to start a copywriting agency.

600+ campaigns later (many for large Australian and International brands), and life is pretty good.

So if you’d like your business to sound fantastic both online and in print, I’m your go-to copy professional.