Rob the Copywriter


Rob the Copywriter


What does a copywriter do?

I Start Conversations

I help brands and businesses connect with their audience, with savvy writing and creative content that moves people. 

Whether you're looking to start a new conversation with your customers, or build on the relationship you already have, I can help you craft the right words - words that'll get them moving in your direction. 

Writing isn't as simple as it sounds; I draw on years of experience communicating with clients, as well as my significant background in sales (over $45mil in 6 years) to craft online content that converts.

The words you use on a page, whether it's a website, email or leaflet, are the single most important factor in achieving results for your business. So if you leave the copy to chance, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in sales. 

Utilise my extensive training and experience as a Direct Response Copywriter to help your business start its next conversation today. 


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What they say...

Trying to turn the garbage on the current site into something that’s both interesting and informative was always going to be challenging. That’s why we used Australia’s best sales copywriter...
— Online Marketing Agency Client
Thanks for the draft... I could write it a million times and not get the same effect
— Security Client
Rob, you can’t build something exceptional with ordinary people. Thanks for being exceptional.
— Marketing agency client
Don’t tell anyone I said this, but you produce vastly superior work compared to our other copywriters
— CRO Expert - Online Marketing Agency


Rob's Blog

I love writing. I also love helping people solve problems. 

It's not about you, the products, or how 'great' you think your service is... People don't want a drill, they want a hole. 

So sell holes. 

I'll show you how with handy hints and informative articles on a just-about-weekly basis. 


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About Me

Hey there

I’m a copywriter. I’ve also been a hiker, IT sales guy, Dad, and sweet-potato farmer.

I live and work in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia.

Yes, it's a beautiful place to live. Yes, it's also a long way away.

But we live in a world with email, Skype, Slack and airplanes; so living a long way away isn't such a big deal. 

I work hard, and enjoy the variety that comes with writing for a huge range of incredible brands.

One day I'm crafting emails for luxury vodka, the next I'm helping people learn about ethical superfunds.

I love the challenge of continually finding new ways to connect with an audience - how can I help you connect with yours?